(Please read carefully and sign below)
I hereby certify:

  • That I have read and understand the ISHI® Home “Inspector Standards” and “Operating Principles”, and will abide by it and all other rules and regulations of the Society.

I understand:

  • That until I receive written notice from ISHI that I have officially been accepted as a CERTIFIED MEMBER, I may not and will not use the ISHI name or logo to advertise, or imply in any promotional material that I am affiliated with ISHI. This restriction includes, but is not limited to, all Yellow Page directory advertising, company brochures, internet website, stationery, and resumes. I fully understand and agree that if I violate this Society policy in any manner, I will be expelled from ISHI.
  • That after a minimum 30 day waiting period as a CERTIFIED MEMBER and after taking the initial necessary curriculum or providing ISHI with transcripts from an approved school, I may apply for status as a “CHI” certified member. If approved, I may be eligible to use the prestigious CHI™ as a designation behind my name (e.g., John Doe, CHI). As a CHI member, I will be eligible to have my work guaranteed to the general public. A mark of excellence offered only thru ISHI. 



As a CHARTER MEMBER, I agree to report and inspect in substantial compliance with ISHI's Home “Inspector Standards and Operating Principles”.
I have read, accept, and fully understand all statements in this Application. I hereby certify that all statements are correct. I understand that any failure to comply with the above or falsification may exclude me from membership in the International Society of Home Inspectors.
For and in consideration of the benefits provided to me by the International Society of Home Inspectors, Inc. ("ISHI®"), I hereby waive, release and forever discharge ISHI® , its Board of Directors, officers, members, servants, agents and employees, of and from all suits, claims, causes of action, damages, losses or injuries that I shall or may have for any reason or cause including but not limited to those related to the implementation or enforcement of the ISHI®, Inspector Standard’s and Operating Principles and/or any other activities.
Unauthorized alterations/omissions found on this form (now or in the future) will void this application. Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable.
In order to fully process your membership, sign this document, enclose a copy of your driver's license or an official state photo ID and return via fax to ISHI 1-866-587-3929 or send via a email: .

. I authorize a one time application fee of $35 to process my application.